DOG TRAINERS: I can't get the dog hair and drool out of your pants,

but I can make your business shine with these templates!

Great at training dogs but feeling stuck on motivating the human end of the leash? You don't have to be...

Not anymore.

I've created these editable templates of training log books, training agreements, behaviour questionnaire and puppy training checklists, and it's all yours for just $39.

What if I could give you a dog training business in a box?

I'm talking something so easy that even, well... an untrained dog could do it.

(That's silly...dogs can't write... but you get what I mean.)

And what if this thing was under $50?

Would you be like, YES GIVE IT TO ME?!

Well, here it is.

Beautiful templates showcasing the tools you need to motivate your training clients. You can use the editable template versions to keep your clients accountable and enjoy the best trainer-client relationships ever...

Ready to go Google Forms based questionnaire template to get all the info you need ahead of time...

Training Agreement templates so that all your terms are clear from the start...

Homework booklets to ensure your clients practise with their dogs...

And right now, it's all yours for just $39.

"I bought Tenille's Dog Trainer's program creation kit and was super impressed with her insight and business savvy recommendations. I didn't know how to monetize things like phone and email support, so It was worth its weight in gold to see how that all factors into creating the price for a program. Thank you so much, this was really so helpful!"

— Alexandra Bassett

They'll Never Guess You Didn't Pay Thousands For Your Set Up!


You could buy a franchise, or hire a designer or spend hours creating the perfect flow of forms. Or you could just grab the Client Relationship Kit!

Here's how it works...

Buy the Client Relationship Tool Kit and receive an email with your log details right away.

Look inside and be amazed at the steal you just got for $39.

Download your PDF files of example programs, swipe files and scripts.

Link straight to editable online versions to tweak with your own logo and branding

Use the kit to turn your offerings into a work of art.



7 Day refund policy. You’ve got nothing to lose!

"Tenille has shown me the key to seeing my business grow rapidly. She helped me to identify my subconscious doubts about my capabilities and showed me that reaching my goals was possible. Tenille taught me the specific daily actions I needed to take to unblock all of my paths to success. Once those were addressed, growing my business and income was SO much easier!"

Let’s break it all down.


  • Behaviour pre-consult questionnaire with Google Form template you can customise and send to clients right away
  • ​Training homework booklet template to help keep clients on track and accountable
  • ​Puppy tool kit template with potty training diary example and socialisation checklist you can give to your puppy clients
  • ​Training report template
  • ​Training agreement templates to set terms and conditions with your clients

That's well over $750... For Just $39!

You'd actually be crazy not to ;)



I honestly don't know where I'd be if I hadn't of connected with Tenille!

Infact, I do - I'd still be working my ass off, 5 Days a week, in the rat race of management in the corporate world & being too tired of a weekend to do anything!

Tenille helped me change my mindset and feel confident in 'getting out there' and doing the job I love which is becoming a Professional Dog Trainer.

I was a qualified trainer before I met Tenille but didn't think I was 'good enough to charge people'

With Tenille's love, honesty & encouragement I worked on my self-worth and within a year, I was building a network of connections in the Pet Industry, writing training programs, and creating a client base of pet-dog owners who so happy with the results they were achieving with their dog, they recommended my to others!

I sometimes pinch myself & tell myself this isn't a dream! Sounds corny hey? But it's true! Doing what I love is such an awesome feeling but getting paid for it and not feeling bad about it is another level of awesome!

Thank You Tenille! You're the BEST!

- Jools Mobbs