You offer dog training that works,

now to make sure it sells.

All while feeling confident and natural, so you can help more dogs and their families - Dog Training That Sells will show you how to sell more training, confidently.

Create irresistible training programs that clients can't wait to sign up for

Sell even your most expensive package with full confidence. And get happier clients and a higher success rate in the process.

Structure your training programs in a way that flows and sells more. While still serving each client with their individual needs and individual dogs.

How Would You Like To Add An Extra $2000 To This Month's Training Income?

When I started out as a dog trainer, I had no idea what to charge and how to get people to book more lessons. I made more when I started selling packages of lessons, but I learned the hard, slow way of how to really make my training programs work better for both the client and my bank balance.

I've made over $100k in a 12-month period with just one on one private dog training, only three days per week. If you're already working five or more days per week, imagine how well you could be doing!

Maybe you already sell training programs but you know you could be doing better. Maybe you're feeling scared of charging more and wondering, "Will people really pay that here?!"

No matter what your fears and doubts are, this course will help you break through them, charge what you deserve and create transformational offerings that people are ready to buy. No matter where you live. Like Sarah:

"Within 2 months of starting the course, I was getting regular clients. And I was getting paid 3x more per hour than I was previously charging, and clients were happy to pay it. Fast forward to now, one year after starting the course. I am running my own business, full time, making a full-time wage that I can afford to live off! I have a steady income, my clients are amazing and do their homework, and as a result I am getting awesome results with the dogs, which causes word of mouth and more clients to come my way! I could not be any more thrilled"

Sarah G

Many people say it's hard to sell dog training, or that people in your area won't want to pay higher prices. But that doesn't have to be true. Many trainers just like you have turned their business around from being close to burnout and finding it hard to find clients (even though they were undercharging) to being in demand for their high priced offerings and being able to support a balanced lifestyle.

What you can achieve with Dog Training That Sells:

More money

Increase your dog training business income so you can earn the living you deserve while doing what you love, and keeping the passion

Know How To Sell

You'll have access to keep all the recordings and downloads forever.

Selling doesn't have to be a dirty word. Learn how to sell with confidence to get your services into the hands of those who need you.

Increased Results

No longer feel like you're winging it hoping your client books enough lessons to get results. Have a system you can follow from start to finish and get more consistent results

Keep all course materials

You'll have access to keep all the recordings and downloads forever.

Make more sales before the course is through

We're all doing this together, and we want to see you succeed. Stay accountable and put the steps into place to make a massive return on your investment by the time the course is through. We will provide everything you need, all you need to do is take action.

See What Some Of Our Members Have To Say:

What You Will Get?

Tenille has been a tremendous help to me and my business. She has guided and supported me through some processes that I found challenging, and she genuinely cares wholeheartedly for her clients.

I highly recommend Tenille

Hannah W.

Port Douglas

I was recently called by someone looking for puppy training... They hired me, albeit tentatively for the consult. I spent an hour with them, taught them a lot, and at the end they said, ‘Wow. Now we understand why you’re the trainer everyone recommends.’ And proceeded to book and pay for several more lessons.

Avery A


Once I met you, my mindset completely changed from, “I can’t do this, what was I thinking,” to, “I’ve got this!” Thanks to your guidance in a few months my income tripled from the previous year!

Megan W.


Within weeks I saw a significant increase in my income and then also the quality and commitment of my clients also increased.

Shannon B.

Sunshine Coast

I sold my first $1000 program yesterday and I'm only partway through your course. Your ideas and knowledge are excellent and by following your guide I actually had my client insisting on signing up for a larger program than I initially recommended.

Melinda H


What You Will Get?

I'll guide you through lessons to go deep into creating dog training programs that sell. The four modules are self-paced and are based on live recordings including content to teach you my strategy and recordings of coaching sessions with other members so that you can learn from them too.

Join Us And Make Sure You Are Offering,

'Dog Training That Sells'

Sell more training with more confidence and watch your dog training business soar. It's ok to do what you love out of passion and also make a lucrative career. Click the button to sign up now and grab your spot in this program that could change your business forever.

  • Learn how to put together amazing programs
  • ​Write descriptions that make your offerings irresistible
  • ​Speak confidently and in a way that increases sales conversions
  • ​Boost your dog training income, make more per client, and increase results

All this for just:

$497 USD

Pay once for only $497! Once you've signed up, you can keep the course materials with no time limit. Please note, prices are in USD and are of incredible value no matter the currency.

14 Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. I'm taking all the risk for you so you can sign up with confidence. Within 14 days if you aren't seeing results, just contact us for a full refund.

I teach dog trainers how to grow their business because I believe you can do what you are passionate about and make good money. You don't have to choose one or the other. So many trainers are struggling to make ends meet and give up their dream career. I genuinely want to see you go against the norm and create massive success in your business. So please join with full confidence that I am with you 100%.

Tenille Williams


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Will this work for me?

This is a system that has been proven to work for many dog trainers around the world. It's up to you to apply it, but if you do, it will work.

I want it, but I am not sure I can afford it.

I understand. But let me ask you this - can you afford not to? For this small investment into your business, you could make thousands of dollars back for years to come. All businesses need investing in to make them the big success you deserve it to be. However if this will cause financial strain and stress, then reach out at a better time.

What if I'm just starting out?

Lucky you! I wish I knew this when I first started out! This will set you up to have a profitable dog training business from the get go!