Your step-by-step roadmap to creating your dream dog training business.

What could your dog training business look like 30 days from now, and beyond?


You're An Awesome Trainer But You...

  • Love training dogs yet feel frustrated with owners who don't follow through between lessons
  • Just can't seem to get enough clients to create the level of income you would like
  • Have been told by well meaning friends and family that you can’t make a real living from dog training
  • ​Still have a "day job," that you'd like to be able to leave and go full time with training
  • ​Lacking confidence in whether you can really do this...
  • ​You’ve tried to get the word out, but you’re waiting for the phone to ring…
  • ​You know other trainers have made a successful career but you just don't see how people will pay for dog training in your area

Case Study: Sarah G

There is no chance that without Tenille and the Dog Matters Pro Masterclass that I would have been able to achieve this, running my own dream job. Being my own boss. Not having to work a job I hate, just to pay the bills. Or see clients that I didn’t like, because I thought that I had to take on everyone. I am living my dream, all the while putting in less hours and money, to make an infinitely larger income from my business. Things are continuing to grow, and for when things do start to slow down the course has taught me what to do to get new cash flowing again. I feel so prepared, and I could not be happier with everything that Tenille has taught me. Thank you!

Sarah G


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The Dog Matters Pro Masterclass has literally changed my life. Dog training is my passion and I wanted nothing more then to be able to train dogs full time and turn it into a career that I could afford to live off.

Before doing the course I would get the occasional client who would stick around for 2, maybe 3 sessions, and then would not continue training. Most of my clients never did their homework, but I was taking on every client that came my way, thinking that it was the only way to grow my business. I spent hundreds of dollars on marketing and advertisement, making nothing in return for all my money and time invested. It made me constantly anxious about whether or not this would ever turn into a full time job, and it continued this way for 3 years, until I discovered the Dog Matters Pro Masterclass.

Within 2 months of starting the course, I was getting regular clients. And I was getting paid 3x more per hour then I was previously charging, and clients were happy to pay it. Fast forward to now, one year after starting the course. I am running my own business, full time, making a full time wage that I can afford to live off! I have a steady income, my clients are amazing and do their homework, and as a result I am getting awesome results with the dogs, which causes word of mouth and more clients to come my way! I could not be any more thrilled.

Just Imagine

You're the most sought after dog trainer in your area. Your clients love you and rave about you to their friends. And you love them because they follow through on what you teach them, which helps you get amazing results.

While you have plenty of work, you set your own hours and you know you don't need to keep up 70 hours of clients per week just to pay the bills. You even have time to train your own dogs ;)

Each client is paying you well and you have full confidence in the value of your service.

You have an easy to follow system to keep this going. You're a master with your training skills, now you're a master of your marketing as well, and it's not complicated.


I Used To Be Just Like You

I was struggling to see how my little side business could ever support myself and my family

I was in a job I hated and I felt trapped. All I wanted to do was follow my passion and make a living from it.

I fell into the trap of comparing myself to others and it effected my confidence.

Everyone around me told me that making a good living from dog training was hard and that no one would pay much for training in my area.

I was determined to make this work and not fit in with other people's version of what was possible. I figured out a LOT through trial and error and through learning marketing systems in other industries.

I took the leap and went full time, and I earned more than double what I made at my full time government job!

All while improving the quality of my clients and avoiding burn out.

I can save you so much time in figuring this business stuff out.

Let me introduce myself...

The Biz Coach For Dog Trainers

Hi! I'm Tenille

I've been training dogs (and other animals like cotton top tamarins, dingoes, emus) for over a decade and run a training business called Dog Matters. I originally studied through the National Dog Trainers Federation in Australia.

After my training business took off, I had more and more trainers reach out for advice on their business success. The natural evolution of my work has become to help other trainers grow their business with easy to follow steps and help them through the challenges trainers face in their careers.

I'm friendly, honest, approachable and funny and I love to see my students succeed and support each other.

I am incredibly passionate about helping my students to do what they love for a living and earn the income they deserve from it. It doesn't have to be hard!

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Nicole Joy

Owner & Head Trainer of Top Dog Pawformance

The Dog Matters Pro Masterclass is more than the opportunity to learn how to develop my dog training business and figure out the business-y side of my passion.

The benefits and long term value of investing in myself and my business through the course and the Facebook group access is invaluable. I can trust that there is a group of business minded, supportive, creative and honest people, to share ideas with and receive honest and industry related feedback from.

I can get into the modules and get in touch with the people in this group at different points of personal and professional growth, having the opportunity to continually learn through Tenille Williams course and from the experiences and knowledge of others.

I’m more focused and more equipped to deal with clients in ways which lead to successful bookings, happy clients and happy dogs. Through the modules and resources provided within the Dog Matters Pro Masterclass course, I have been able to more clearly understand where I see my business, how to get there, what to actually DO and how to handle both the successes and failures.

The Dog Matters Pro Masterclass is the best thing for a trainer with minimal business experience!

For me personally, it’s relieving to know it’s “normal” to feel nervous, anxious, hesitant – and that I’m not alone on this new journey! There is so much constructive feedback in the Facebook Group with all that’s involved with running a Dog Training Business that I feel 100% comfortable asking anything!

Thanks to Tenille‘s knowledge and experience in the industry – it’s definitely worth the investment!

Jools Mobbs


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Hannah Wilson

Trainer, Dog Direction

Tenille has been a tremendous help to me and my business. She has guided and supported me through some processes that I found challenging, and she genuinely cares wholeheartedly for her clients.

I highly recommend Tenille!

The Dog Matters Pro Masterclass is the structure and support I needed to feel comfortable and ready to launch my own dog training business as someone who thought my own business was out of reach!

It has a framework that directs me every step of the way with actionable tasks in each module that genuinely help you build a business – and the camaraderie and support that comes with a group of other pros experiencing exactly the same stresses AND successes as you. There is also a huge emphasis on mindset as you begin, it was completely worth the class alone! Not undervaluing myself as someone brand new to the industry has helped keep me confident where I would otherwise feel very uncomfortable and unsure!

Lina Robayo


Shannon B.

Trainer, Unleashed Canine Behaviour

When I began my own business after years of working for someone else I was pretty confident I would be ok. I thought I had a good business mind and the skills to not only train the humans and dogs but also to do all the advertising, financials, social media and planning that a good business needs.

After the first few months in business I came across Tenille and the Dog Matter Pro Masterclass. I wasn’t really expecting to learn too much but figured it was worth a look.

After working my way through the course I began to put some changes into my business. Within weeks I saw a significant increase in my income and then also the quality and commitment of my clients also increased.

After only 18 months in business I have just brought on my first employee and launched my second business within the industry.

I cannot thank Tenille enough for the support she herself has provided but also the network created through the masterclass group. No matter how long you have been in business there will be something new you will learn which will help to grow your business.

There is no way I would have been able to implement all the Masterclass learning quickly enough to be able to leave my old job and be successful! Tenille also often gives new challenges to keep up motivation and a reminder on how to stay on track. There is so much important information, it is great to have refreshers.

Debbie Stack

Trainer, Vision Dog Training

The Dog Matters Pro Masterclass is …… a life saver! I was sick to death of my old job and life is too short. I really wanted to do something that I love, Dogs and Training. There certainly have been some challenging times and I expect there will be more, but if it wasn’t for this class I would have given up ages ago. Thank you Tenille.

The course helped me establish the right “Mindset” and the group is supportive, creative and real! When I am full of doubt, feeling overwhelmed or simply need to change my outlook I am reminded of the many helpful ideas to change my perception and gain a more positive outlook.

The dog matters pro masterclass is a game changer. I’m new to the course, it has access to step by step instruction on how to promote and grow my business; much needed peer support and valuable feedback and advice from the VIP group!

Jacqui Triggs

Owner and Trainer, The Dog Workshop

Kristy Teunissen


The Dog Matters Pro Masterclass has given me the confidence to go full time with my business. I start believing in myself and my services. Tenille is willing to help everyone to achieve their goals and answer all our questions.

I also get to be part of an amazing group online where everyone is willing to share their highs and lows, they’re comfortable seeking and receiving feedback on business things.


Here's What you will learn:

  • Choosing a business name and logo that draw in the right customers
  • Where to get a professionally designed logo on a budget
  • Setting up your business and managing cashflow right from the start
  • Get clear on who your ideal client is and how to attract more of them
  • Get yor name out there and be seen and remembered
  • Choose advertising that pays back more than what you spend
  • ​Avoid the common mistakes many trainers are making in their marketing
  • How to set your rates if you have no idea what you should be charging
  • Structuring your programs for maximum sales
  • Naming your programs appropriately
  • Building the most irresistable package
  • ​How to price your programs and packages
  • ​Different training services you can offer and the pros and cons of each
  • How to get more sales
  • ​Your marketing messages and what they convey
  • ​Having conversations with potential clients in text vs over the phone
  • ​What to say to get your booking locked in quickly on phone calls
  • ​What to say to sell your largest (most expensive) offer
  • ​Training Agreements and Forms - including bonus templates by a legal professional for all dog training services that you can tweak and use
  • ​How to handle your competition
  • Do you need a website and if so, where do you start?
  • Should you pay someone or do it yourself?
  • What to say, and not say, on your site
  • ​How to get your site on page one of Google search results where hot customers are looking
  • ​Essentials for your website that most trainers aren't doing
  • ​Website reviews of members and what we can learn from them
  • How to choose social media platforms that get clients
  • ​The content you can create on social media that makes people want to book
  • ​How to ask clients for testimonials, including a question template you can use
  • ​What to do if you get negative comments online
  • ​How to make the most of free Facebook groups
  • ​Creating your first promo video to use as an ad on social media
  • Creating paid Facebook ads to get local clients
  • ​Creating your ad copy
  • ​How to choose ad images that convert
  • ​Choosing a goal for your ads and setting them up to perform
  • ​How to create a video ad to increase bookings
  • ​The power of using Facebook custom audiences
  • ​Coming next month: Interview with a Facebook Ads expert

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  • Different options for group class structures and class running tips to keep it flowing
  • ​How to handle tricky situations like requests for refunds
  • ​A-Z of how I run the first lesson with a new client


  • Why mastering your mindset is key to a successful business
  • Habits that increase your performance and help you stay on top of life
  • ​Release your blocks around money
  • ​Stop comparing yourself to others and focus on what you're doing

Dog Daycare & Training Centre Interview With Brydie Charlesworth (VALUE: $197)

Brydie is a highly successful trainer who works wonders helping people and their dogs in her local community. In this interview recording, learn what it really takes to run a large facility providing both training and dog daycare.


  • Training agreement templates by a legal professional that you can use for all training services
  • ​My behaviour consult questionnaire
  • ​Homework book template to use with clients and keep track of progress


  • Resource vault with links to helpful resources to run and grow your business
  • ​Audio recordings of core lessons you can download and listen to on the go
  • ​Vault of all bonus live call recordings to access any time

**PLUS Private members-only Facebook group for support and guidance from me as well as other members - PRICELESS**




Set things up for success from the start


Get more clients through the door and set up a solid marketing plan using both free and paid techniques


Everything you need to create irresistable programs that people can't wait to sign up for


Sell to your next client with full confidence, knowing exactly what to say to get a, "YES!"


Create a website that has essential ingredients to get more bookings, get found on Google and appeal to the right people


Post the content that works to get more of the right clients and go forward with a plan


Don't donate money to Facebook unless you're getting a return. Learn how to create ads that work.









TOTAL VALUE: $4,388+

Yours for only...

All prices are in USD

Looking for a 4-month payment plan using PayPal?

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If you’ve got questions, I’ve got answers…

I'm only just starting out, will this course suit me?

Yes! This course is focused on buiding AND growing a dog training business and suits beginners and more established businesses. The course is action oriented and encourages moving forward quickly rather than sweating the small stuff.

I don't do dog training but do pet sitting / dog walking / grooming. Will the course suit me?

While the course is focused on dog trainers, it does still apply to other pet industries with a few small tweaks. Essentially though, the steps are the same. In fact many of the principles can be applied to any business.

What if I'm not qualified as a dog trainer?

That’s cool. But we do promote always being honest in training and business dealings. Practical experience is the most important. So as long as you can get results, you are qualified.

Why is the price in USD?

Yes, I am an Australian. However as my courses are sold internationally I have chosen the most widely accepted currency. Rest assured that the course is incredible value for money no matter the currency.

I am more advanced in my business. Will this suit me?

Yes! While it caters to brand new businesses well, this course also has more advanced strategies for those that are ready, plus you may learn different ways of doing things that you hadn’t thought of. We have had beginners to advanced take the course, all with great results.

How long will it take for me to get results?

That depends – how willing are you to put in the work? The course is designed to have you making a profit within 6-8 weeks IF you do the work based on what is taught. From there, if you keep it up, it only gets better!

What is your refund policy?

You have 14 days to request a refund and if you do so, you must provide proof that you did each of the homework assignments for the Masterclass, to qualify for a refund.

Wow, just wow!! I found out by doing Tenille’s business course that there is way more stuff involved than just starting a business, I am so glad I signed up to do this course so I can start off my business on the right foot and NOT make all of the mistakes that I probably would have! This course has given me the confidence to run my business properly right from the start saving me stress, frustration, and more than likely burnout within the first year! Thank you so much Tenille, this course is THE best investment I could have possibly made in myself and the support is just amazing!

Karen B.


Dog Matters Pro Masterclass was just what I needed to get me going. I was procrastinating for so long to get my business going; I didn’t know where to start. Tenille’s course was great as it provided the step-by-step that I needed and made the whole process so simple.

Tenille is always responsive to answer questions and provide advice and support that makes sense. She is very open and honest and happy to share her own experiences as a learning tool, the good and the not-so-good. I would highly recommend her course.

Mary Storie

Trainer, K9 Focus & Fun

14-Day Take Action Guarantee

If you’re still unsure whether this training is for you then you’re covered with the 14 Day Take Action Guarantee.

Those who take action succeed. If you reach out within 14 days and show us that you’ve done the work, applied what you’ve learned with full effort and haven’t got any results to show for it, we’ll provide a full refund, BUT you have to do the work.

If you keep doing the same thing you’ve always done, you’ll get the same results you’ve always got.