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😀 I'm a dog trainer, educator and mentor, and a total pet-mum to 3 dogs, a parrot and a bengal cat

🤩 I left my admin job to pursue my career as a full time dog trainer over a decade ago

🐕🐒 I trained for years with exotics at the local zoo - dingoes, emus, cotton-top tamarins and a spotted quoll

🥰 I worked for myself in my dog training business for 6 years and started to attract an increasing amount of other trainers reaching out for business and online marketing advice

🚀 I started coaching others and creating online courses that would help more dog trainers to grow their businesses

📈 Since 2017 I've continued to grow and now I also help people to start their own online courses and education

👩🏻‍🦰 I'm also a normal person with normal struggles - if I can do it, so can you!

✍🏻 I took the long way to get to where I am today and I want to use what I learned to make the journey easier and faster for you

I aim to make my courses fun, educational, action-oriented and inspiring. I want you to come away from the content feeling motivated and empowered, and knowing exactly what steps to take next.

I also have a range of mindset trainings and resources to help you to create and sell online courses at

Business Courses For Dog Trainers

We offer a range of courses and templates to help you to grow your dream dog training business faster and easier.

The outcome of our courses is that you will have a more professional, sustainable and profitable dog training business.

I have created heaps of resources to help you grow your training business.

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